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The Technoabzy group started its activity as the only conglomerate in the country consisting of an advisory panel of experts, an equipment production factory, and a sales firm started its activity in 2000. The group's panel of experts, known as the Behrayab Consultant Experts Corporation, has obtained the fishery and aquaculture license from the Management & Planning Organization of Iran. The group's equipment production company, known as Novin Abzy Workshop Equipment Company, acts under the license from the Iranian Fishery Organization (the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad).

The group's aquaculture services are as follows:

● Feasibility study of water sources, including dam reservoirs, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc.

● Design and supervision of the construction of aquaculture farms

● Manufacture of equipment and devices used in aquaculture and water and waste water treatment

● Consultation and supervision of construction of aquaculture farms.

● Providing commercial advice in the field of aquaculture

The Techno-Abzy Group is proud to have obtained in its operational history:

96% confirmation of nominal capacity from the Iranian Fishery Organization and 93% confirmation for three farms of the Central Province Fishery Organization

It has also succeeded in patenting 11 aquaculture devices.

The Techno-Abzy Group is a corporation of consultant engineers and manufacturing section in the field of aquaculture equipment production. The Techno-Abzy group is unique in the country in its operational history in its variety of products (over 35 products used exclusively in the field of aquaculture). In this regard, the Techno-Abzy Group is fully capable of offering all kinds of technical advice and supervisory support.

The ultimate goal of the Techno-Abzy group is laying the grounds for making the best use of the country's water sources and the provisional of adequate economic and technical grounds for the establishment of up-to-date scientific aquaculture in the country.

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